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Foto PAIN OUT PoC in use
Welcome to the PAIN OUT clinical Point of Care system help and instructions

This is the first version of the PAIN OUT Point of Care (PoC) system prototype. This version includes some features of a future Point of Care system for PAIN OUT. The main purpose is to exemplify some parts of a future PoC system and collect feedback to direct our further R&D and product development.

This research prototype is intended only for evaluation of the features we present here and clinical use is not allowed in any form. The purpose is to enable evaluation of selected parts of the system to obtain feedback and comments from potential users which will assist the research and development team to improve the prototype.

We are aware that there is major work to be done before the PAIN OUT PoC system will be an everyday tool in hospitals, but this is a first step in this direction and your feedback will bring our ambition closer. By testing the system you are obliged to give feedback to the project. If you wish to test the PAIN OUT PoC system prototype and give feedback, please contact ruth.zaslansky@gmail.com, peter.funk#mdh.se or mobyen.ahmed#mdh.se

For more on the PAIN OUT FP7 project, please visit www.pain-out.eu

Thank You!
PAIN OUT & the PoC-team